Parenting God’s Way – By Seth Dahl

"There are far too many parents who live with the philosophy of "Follow what I say, not what I do," and we all know this doesn't work well. It kills trust in our children. They see us talk one way but live another. I heard someone say one time, 'Children are really bad at doing what we tell them, but really great at doing what we show them'. "

Family With You. Family Around You

There’s so much that can be solved when we just use love on a daily basis. I firmly believe that there is nothing love can’t fix in our daily lives. And when Family meets Love, there is nothing that can come against the power that they hold when they are together. Bottom line is, as family, you want to thrive with connection and love, not just make ends meet with a Facebook-type connection where you only see small amounts of a life you're not even connected too. My last point of the Step Three is this - A family will thrive with love inside of it. But without love, it will not stand the test of time.