Too Many Voices in My Head.

We can start to recognize the voices that Shame and Guilt have, but we can’t move forward in life if we still listen to them. The negative thoughts that are in our lives actually keep us from enjoying life to the fullest.

If You Could Open Your Mind Like You Open Your Mouth, What Would Happen?

The moment that I let my bias overtake my opinions is the moment that I become closed-minded. I always look for things that are unbiased, because when someone can report the news as just news, that’s when I actually listen to what other people have to say. The moment that people use their opinion to report the news is the moment that it is no longer news, because it becomes a biased view that holds very little factual information, but a lot of agenda. I’m not in the business of listen to agendas and taking it as facts, I’m in the business of hearing news and researching it.

Redefining Powerful – By Shay Shipman

Being powerful means deciding who you are going to be based on who you are called to be, what is best for your family and friends, what will actually impact the world and then being that person down to your core. It means being just as confident speaking in front of millions as it does cleaning the toilet. It means to stop and talk to somebody who could never do anything for you, but loving them just because it's right, because you want to. It means starting that program and making money off of it and changing generations, because that's who you are.

Let’s talk About Relationships Baby, Let’s Talk About You & Me

One of the biggest goals I’ve consistently seen throughout humanity, is to have relationships and/or community. We find lots of love and acceptance in them, which is why we value community so heavily. That’s why I even started this blog, because people have such a high value for community, family, relationships and the like, but don't fully know how to even get in or stay in them.

Family With You. Family Around You

There’s so much that can be solved when we just use love on a daily basis. I firmly believe that there is nothing love can’t fix in our daily lives. And when Family meets Love, there is nothing that can come against the power that they hold when they are together. Bottom line is, as family, you want to thrive with connection and love, not just make ends meet with a Facebook-type connection where you only see small amounts of a life you're not even connected too. My last point of the Step Three is this - A family will thrive with love inside of it. But without love, it will not stand the test of time.