About Us

The heart behind Under His Roof, is for everyone to create and start-up a conversation with your family members, friends, mentors, and God about what is written in these blogs. Realising that we are always under the roof of God wherever we go on this big Earth. Though languages change all across the globe, God is universal, and wants to speak to us about our everyday lives and what happens within them. He is not afraid of the tough subjects.

The topics that are going to be hit on this blog are going to be things that we come across in our everyday human lives, while also hitting the hard topics that we face everyday as well. We do not confess to know everything about the subjects that we write about, and we will not claim ignorance as our excuse for getting things wrong. We will tackle everything with our best efforts, but will not try to smooth things over if it starts a cyber fight. This blog, as stated above, is for you to tackle the hard things with your friends, family, and God. Not with us.

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