“You Got Me In My Feelins’.”

Feelings: they can be over-barring at times. Lately I’ve been having a lot of feelings; feelings of love, joy, happiness, peace, excitement, hurt, sadness, pain, anxiety, anger, and every other feeling in between. And these emotions really suck sometimes, but at the end of the day, they come and they go. The thing about feelings is that they are just indicators of what you’re letting influence your inner world, and they allow us to experience our heart in it’s fullest.

Our inner-world is dictated by our heart and what it has to say to us. It tells us not just what to feel, but the reason why we are feeling it. Often times we get stuck with the fact that we’re feeling these emotions that we forget to listen to why we are actually feeling this way. To let our heart speak, we really have to accept our emotions in their rawest form. Anything less and we’re cutting off a part our humanity, as well as cutting away at our very soul. Once we start cutting off pieces of our hearts, we start to loose the ability to empathise with people. We slowly get more and more aggressive, discontent, anxious, and impatient.

In order to end the cycle of cutting ourselves off from our feelings, we have to go through the stages of every emotion we have when they show up. It may be grief, it could be joy, or it could be ecstasy; either way we must let them have their time and place when they pop up. We do ourselves a huge disservice when we shut them up and cut them out of our lives. At the end of the day, our emotions aren’t our enemy; and we should no longer view our feelings as something that is bad and uncontrollable, but as something that is a waypoint to our hearts and indicators of our inner-world.

I encourage you to really evaluate how much of your heart you’re letting speak and how much you are cutting it off from speaking. Our journey to Emotional and Spiritual health starts here.

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